Maxine is not BOBO!

I really think nga naoverwhelmed si Maxine to prove her bashers wrong and at the same time trying too hard to impress everyone instead of expressing herself.

Her answer is definitely not one of the best. Murag iyang ganahan isulti is about unity. Something like mas united karon? i don’t really know.

I still like her though. She was impeccable during the show (nga walay labot sa Q&A). Gwapa kaayo siya. I think she had one of the most beautiful and captivating beauty. So sweet and innocent. She reminded me atong Miss Korea kung diin nakadaug si Miss Japan Mori-san. (ug ni coco martin, haha :D)


Pahuway and take rest Maxine. There is still a very bright future ahead of you.

P.S. Her gown is not so pasabog. But as what i said before, i reviewed some of rhett eala collections and i really didn’t expect something spectacular nga pageant gown. I can say nga more on a minimalist, clean ug pasimple iyang mga designs. Nothing pageant sparkly, lace, drapes, nothing flowy,  but more on good fit and plane jane millionaire. Karemember na noon ko atong pagdaug ni maxine sa bb pilipinas katong violet nga simple ra pud naa pa jud ribbon sa likod nga imho simang slight.

During the big event, the gown didn’t carry Maxine. She was Maxine and shined as Maxine. Mabuhay.