Office Di PaStress 方法

Kakita kog post sa FB from a friend asking help kay nastress na daw sha sa office work and naai nagreply didto nga office work is dehumanizing daw blahblah resign nalang daw and find some active work.

Here’s my point of view. Well uu coming from somebody who’s been in the “office work” environment throughout my industry life. Dili man sha ang ana ka bad. In my 6 years in the desk, of kurs dili kalikayan nga mastress kay 8 hrs + ka nagatutok sa monitor. Nagalingkod lang ka permi. So here are my techniques for a better office work life.

  1. Drink a lot of water. Ana man gud sila, mao daw maglabad imong ulo kay wala kay inominom ug tubig. Machurvakels daw imong system, ang circulation sa imong body. Ayaw kalimot nga dili ka cactus nga modraw ug water out of thin air.
  2. Walk. Which makahelp ang first kay if you drink a lot of water, mangihi pud ka often. Winwin.
  3. Smart Phone is your friend.  Learn to procrastinate without damage. If magwork lang jud ka for 8hours, mastress jud ka ana nang bongga. Take a rest pud. Open your phone and socialize to the outside world.
  4. Read articles sa web. Naa toi time sa office nga i told myself : Ready na ko for General Quiz Bowl! Tungod kay daghan na kaayo kog nabasa sa web nga mga trivia etc.
  5. Smile. It helps jud. Bisag naai nagtan-aw or wala. Stress is part mind lang. IT’s all in the mind. Learn to love what you’re doing and smile smile lang. Bahala nag mura kag crazy person smiling alone. And if madala, apili ug smize.

Hope that helps.

P.S. Excited na ko sa among Hokkaido Trip this weekend. haha



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