Museum Sa Kawagoe

I’ve been vocal about how much i love museums. Specifically historical museums or any heritage site, etc. Tungod guro ni kay ganahan ko ug mga karaan nga mga butang.

So last weekend (Thank you Darlene for ogranizing), nangadto mi sa Kawagoe (川越) in Saitama. Famous for the tragic fire incident? lol. Ae mean ginafocus man gud nila nga a hundred years ago, a big fire destroyed a big portion of the city. And so they rebuild them using a very proactive technique para mahimong fire proof sila. And those infrastracture lasted a lifetime kay hangtod karon naa pa gihapon. As in jud, the windows and the doors are very thick and heavy. I wonder if how many people would take to close that door during a fire.

Naa pud silay museum didto and we were so lucky that a guide came to us and explain all the highlights of the museum. Ug mao to, naamaze na pud ko nang bongga.

Hopefully makaadto pa kog daghang history museum.

P.S. Though im not saying nga dili ko ganahan ug mga Art Museum, pero i just can’t help nga makatawa somehow sa ubang artworks and painting. Effort kaayo to try to think as the artist and appreciate their works (e.g. mga plato ni picasso).


I’ll add more pictures sa museum later.


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