Mizuho そばにある Bullshit

Just so you know, Mizuho doesn’t allow you to withdraw money through ATM during late hours. Specially weekends ( i think). So Di pwede sa mga 7eleven/famima/lawson and then all their branches kay though the lights are on, are all closed. Pwede pagngon nalang na ninyo ang suga sa inyong mga establishment if sirado man diay mog gabii. Makadissapoint.

So there is no hope jud. IF ever you realized in the middle of the night that you are broke af, there is no hope for you, accept your perilous fate. Mizuho shuts down all possibility nga makawithdraw ka. You will die of hunger and kabalaka nga dili ka makauli sa inyo.

Imagine pila ka combini ug pila ka mizuho branch akong gisuroi sa Shinjuku para lang makawithdraw pero FAIL ang adventure.

Mizuho’s tagline is そばにいる。そばにある。 that means on your side always and anywhere. True naman na meron nga palagi sa tabi mo pero shit, sirado naman. And sa mga combini, di pud kawithdraw kay tungod sa time.




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