Dear SA

I looked at you from across the bar.
That smile that gave me my sobriety.
That smile that gave me a night worth remembering.

Your kiss was soft
Your kiss they spoke
But it ended up just as a kiss the next morning.

Dear John, you should have known that
When you invite me for dinner
I went prepared but you disappoint.

One drink is all you need
To act crazy and dysfunctional.
Was that plain drama or are you just weak af?

I have some plans.
You ask to go somewhere.
I chose my friends, we bid goodbye.

So dear SA
if you still care, leave me a message.
I will wait and next time let’s not talk about games.

-babayng pak-an


Cellphone vs Wallet.

Kanang feel na kaayo nimo nanaog through elevator, scrolling down new posts sa instagram. Double tapping each pic nga ganahan nako. Stroling around the aisles of Famima. Salivating over the bentos and sandwhiches but i opt for the onigiri kay diet mode slight. Pero gaduha duha pa if kuhaon ang almond choccolate nga meiji kay one of my fave jud na. But luckily nastop nako akong self. I am still looking sa akong phone though, instragraming. Watching clark and rhon’s instastories. lol.

Molinya na ta ko para mobayad.

Then realized wala ko nagdala ug wallet. Cellphone ra akong gidala plus akong personality. ahak.

Gi-Return ang mga gipangkuptan. Head straight to the elevator, hungry. #Maypamataysakauwau.



Investing Emotions.


Naai time nga ganahan ko moinvest ug emotions towards someone.. pero most of the time kay i rethink, and put an end to it before it even starts.

So is it worth it nga maginvest ug emotions? or instead of investment, mas fit niya ang term nga “risk”? I don’t know. I always think man gud nga matapos ra man pud ang tanan, ikaw ra ang masakitan in the end. So i often stop myself jud. There’s always something that pulls me back to my comfort zone. Dili jud ko risk taker and i kinda hate myself for being like that. Well, i just want to guard my heart; is it wrong to be proactive?

So i have this enjoy the moment mantra. Kanang if unsa gani mahitabo in the future, then so be it. I will cross the bridge when i get there. que sera sera and the list goes on.

Maybe soon, i’ll meet someone nga makapachange sa akong views in life. But for now, ang ani lang sa jud ko.

guard your heart

Bogo kog iTunes.

Nagstart na ta ko ug palit ug mga songs sa itunes pero i think magstop na ko oi.. nabuang naman ning itunes or whatever, kay maybe ako lang ang dili kabalo mogamit ani. Giset naman ta nako sa itouch para maplay ang mga songs nga akong gidownload offline. Pero nganong everytime iconnect nako sha sa akong laptop (itunes) kay di na pud nako makita akong mga songs.. so i need to download them again and ginamakesure jud nako nga saved sha offline.

Di na ko ganahan. Maypang magpirate nalng ko, wala pay hassle.