I wish i could remember

A story i wish i’d forget
But I wont and will never be
But i wish i could remember your face.

You sat, you smoke.
I glanced, didn’t speak.
We walk upstairs and didn’t bother to notice each other.

I glanced, you bow down.
I bow down, you stared.
OR that’s what i would like to remember it.

A touch; the start.
One kiss, and such.
But my mind was clouded to fully digest everything.

The phase, it’s fast.
The view, was angelic.
And i know right then, i wont remember everything.

I looked again.
I want to try.
But deep inside i know, there’s nothing i can do.

I sit and stared.
Tattoo on your finger.
The feeling they’ll last but your face, i wish i could remember.

– babayng pak-an


It’s been a while.


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