Volleyball 2


Remember sa akong previous entry nga me having a change of heart about volleyball? Well karon nagchange na pud. But i swear, i don’t change mind like Katy Perry changes her clothes.

Currently, i have been playing volleyball since November last year. Pero weekend ra noon. Parang ano lang, review for the sport and what could have been. I kinda love it though but for sure not as much if wala akong mga friends which were always there to support me and teach me and uplift me and outbitch me. haha

Though i still have a lot to learn like how to timing the jump from a very open set. nakakaloka. But Gil has been my mentor for that. Like where to position po when the kontra is on the attack, Jack is my man. And how to look alive and bubbly, Gervin is my saving grace. And Brendan and Andrew and Megumi for the sidecourt tips.

I would love to play competitive volleyball in the future. I am still not prepared for such, but i will try to prep myself. I just want to get better. And exercise na pud para healthy body. hahaha.





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