Goodbye is never easy.

Goodbye is not the end, kuan lang na sha, intro sa next big thing.

Japan has given me more than i have expected. 3 years of self improvement though not much on my technical skills in the IT world pero as a person, it really helped me big time. It opened my eyes to the real world. It gave me a medium on how to deal with my emotions and how to open myself to see who i really am.

The place is not im gonna miss for sure. Because wala man koi sense of direction and i most of the time forget the name of the places nga akong gisuroyan. I will definitely miss the people i met sa Japan and all the experience i had with them. First, the clingy batch, not that much cguro kay i know we’ll gonna meet sa Cebu bisag once a year lang. That is more than enough.

My Volleyball friends, for sure, im gonna miss them big time. Who knows we’ll never meet each other again. And that is gravely saddening. This is the group where I felt like it was okay for me to show who I really am to new people without the fear of being judged (because i will judge them back, LOL). #shade #slayers #GilJackGervin <== you are my MVPs

My Nichome friends, though i know most of them are just random acquaintances but they showed me what the real colors of the rainbows are. The bartenders, the random chatters, the random Pinoy bakasyonistas. That feeling, when before you were the what-am-i-doing-here mode, to become the lemme-show-you-around kind of person is kinda funny and amusing. LOL.

My English Camp friends, though as I started joining volleyball games (i have to be honest), it never crossed my mind to join another camp. Ang daming mga groups naman gud so lisod mojoin ug other circle of friends (that is not my forte specially when im alone). Plus the intimidating old people, i just cant ride their wavelength. I meet original pag-ibig here nga naa koi vision of love but it was all that it turned out to be. lol

My Office Jap Crush. It’s hard to say goodbye to all of you. But we haven’t done too much talking anyway, so bahala kayo sa buhay nyo. But i will miss the way i look and stare sa inyo from across the wide office area hoping you’ll look back pero gilumot nalng ko, wala jud. Though always ko mapildi sa mga totok ni Kosugi-san everytime we crossed sa hallway. Girl, i am not strong enough! I thought i am stronger.

Special shoutout to the Happy Friends! Though most of them kay naa pud sa Volleyball friends but shout out to Noel, Phibs, Marlo ! You have showed me how to be me and accept myself for who i am and who i should be. And setting as a good example for me to look up to! #goodExampleLol

To the B4! Pwede na ko ninyo mablackmail! You know my darkest secrets and kabuang in life. Please lang wag nyo akong isumbong sa pulisya! I will miss you jud #sob. This is like Farrah Franklin leaving Destiny’s Child. B3 once again. Thank you for accepting me.

The people in the you-know-where-with-a-z-inbetween. Goodbye, we will never see each other again for sure but that’s totally okay.



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