Give and Take Relationship

In the multimedia world, it’s always give and take relationship. If I like your posts, paglike pud every now and then sa akoa #lol #GervinIdeas. Though dili kaayo ko nagamind ani nga principle if like like lang. BUT Instagram Follow back is a different case.

Lately, nagtalk ko sa akong friend nga ana sha nga giunfollow daw sha and so iya pud giunfollow back. So natrigger akong mind to know if kinsa sa akong mga active friends nga akong gifollow sa Instagram pero wala nagFollowback.

Thanks to this app, Instagram insights, malist ra dayon diritsu kinsa na sila. Long story short, giunfollow nako tanang Friends/Acquaintances nga akong gifollow nga wala nagfollow back. As in, walay exception (naa diay gamay #winkwink). Good Riddance. Anah jud na ang life.

Sidenotes: If dili ka active(less than five ang posts) di ra man pud guro hurtful if i-unfollow dba? Kay there are no posts to follow in the first place. hahaha

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3 thoughts on “Give and Take Relationship

  1. Daghan jud mga in-ana sa IG. After you follow them, a few days or hours later, they will unfollow you. I don’t know if its a big deal nga mas daghan ila followers compare sa following..

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