Take a Leap of Faith.

Im ready to close my eyes, empty my mind, trust God and take a leap of faith…

No, ayaw paggemma gemma dira.. dili pa ko moresign sa akong beloved company. This company has helped me a lot in many ways, di pa ko ready ilet go sha. What im talking about is for me to purchase a property. Ahak nalang. Kaya man sha ata.. problem is there would be nothing left of me, plus with loans pa jud. I’m not used to utang or loans. I am so new to those kind of ideas. Akong nabaw-an nga utang kay installments sa credit card or credit cards lang which ginabayran pud nako full every month. Wala akong utang. And i don’t know how utang works.

Pero ana lagi sila nga the world revolves around loans. And walay dato nga walay utang. So there, there josh. Laban lang. Pangutang para makapalit ug property. This is adulting. This is life. This is for my family. Be positive Josh. Take a leap of faith. Trust God. Di na jud ko maminyo ani.


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