So it’s true.

Assignees, don’t fret. It’s true.

Accept the fact that since you are assigned in japan, enjoying your extra allowance, ang nindot nga mga view, ang free chokai practice, lots of dating work opportunities etc etc….  then you are prone to what i call – #leftOutAssignees.

Left out sa Christmas Party, Halloween Party, Sports Fest, Company Anniversary, dili mapromote, gamay increase etc. etc.

Though it depends ni sa project kung aha ka massign pero base sa akong experience and the pattern nga akong nakita. Dako jud ang percentage sa kaning matang nga  panghitabo.

BUt mao na ang risk nga imong giaccept the moment nag yes ka and pirma sa contract. Pero you’ve got your allowance. You earn more than sa mga pinas counterparts. You’ve got those pretty pictures to post in FB. You can eat sushi or ramen whenever you’re sad. OR soul search in the beautiful shrines of Japan or walk sa mga public parks with picturesque views. Think about that.

I once said that it’s not all about the money. Yes, it was not. But it plays a big part. Only a fool will question that Snape. lol. For example given magbudget ang company ug 1k php for employees para sa isa ka activity, that is 1.6k-ish yen which is more likely one meal lang nako sa ramenan. hahaha Rahima actually did make me realize about this kay dili man daw maglain ug budget for assignees, kung unsay budget sa pinas mao sad sa japan. Dili mag-adjust (daw) . It makes sense man pud ata. Naa pa moi allowance, ganahan pa mo dakog budget sa activities. Dili mainyo tanan. Something like that.

So actually ang concern lang jud sa mga assignees is this: OVer a decade (?) kay mao lang japon ang allowance. Niagi nalng ug mga tax increase changes sa Japan pero ang allowance remained a constant value. Dili ka keep up ang allowance sa pagmahal sa mga palitonon. Ang 100yen stores are not 100 anymore, 108 na na bes. So somehow, dili ra maggarbo ang pamumuhay doon. Naa tood ka japan, pero imong ginakaon everyday kay onigiri lang (100yen) or ang uban nagaluto lang para makatipid. #assigneeisNotBuhayMayaman #assigneeisNotWorkGoals

PEro if you want to be noticed sa imong effort then you should go back to the mother country. Give back. Believe me, more chances that everything you do will get noticed. Good or Bad. lol

And then comes what most returnees feel. Naanad na ug naai allowance. Nagshift na ang  (… okay another entry nalang ne. haha )

So katong mga nahiubos dira sa bansa ng mga Samurai, keep your chin up. Been there. I survived. Kamo pud. Don’t let angry emotions poison your character. Look at the bright side. Be happy. Be kind.



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