2018 New Year’s Resolution

New Year, New Me. lol

1. Healthy Living (Good Diet and Exercise). Kay gitagaan baya ko ug sweat-proof nga bluetooth headset ni Secret Santa, so i think it is only appropriate nga magjogging kunuhay ko. I will stop na my gym subscription baya so i will still find ways on how to keep my body moving. For the diet, well, i think i have to continue ug unsa karon. Choose what to put in my mouth and always in moderation.
2. Minimalist. (Learn to Let Go even more). I will choose to live a simple life. A colorless lol, i mean kanang simple work environment. A simple room. A simple closet. Simple choices. Anah. (Kay so far, sa akong ka line sa office, akong desk ang pinakagubot.)
3. Avoid unnecessary purchases. (pahubasa ang closet). Nabuhat nako nga wala jud ko nagpalit ug new t-shirt/jeans any piece of clothing since naabot ko ug Pinas. Akong gipalit ra jud kay kanang something important or required – rushgard, boardshorts, volleyball jersey,, etc. So I will extend it to another year. I will not buy any t-shirt whatsoever. I think I have enough clothes sa baul. And dili pud ko mopalit ug new gadget this year: any electronic gadget (kanang for leisure). So hopefully phone, stay with me a little bit longer.
4. Support AWS’ Miss Earth 2018 Rhea O’s Advocacy. Puslan man nga naa na koi metal straw, ako nalng jud ni ipush. No to Straws, No Plastic somethings, Styros, etc. Help Mother Nature. Save the turtles.
5. More time on my own and, with dogs. Somehow when you’re alone, dira nimo makita imong worth. or ang imong happiness. or ang what your heart really want. char. And i want to spend time with dogs. They can take my stress away. (ayaw lang si hachi kay mastress ko kay cgg dool para pahikap and then next scence mamaak. Kay Marley na lang please)
6. Decisive. To not be afraid to choose sides. To commit to something i believe in and actually fight for it. To not worry if i made wrong decisions , but to work on making them the correct ones.


I miss snowboarding my life away.

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