What is good communication skills?

I am no good leader. I have a very long road ahead of me to consider myself as one. But i sure know how to deal with people in a good way. I wonder why other people just find it hard nga makitao. It’s human nature. Girl, power doesn’t beget respect. Respect begets respect. Simple formula. This is not rocket science.

But i find it so evident nga people who are so full of themselves find it hard to gain respect from their coworkers. Full of themselves – means they think they are smarter than anyone else and that is why they question everything and makes fun of other’s mistakes. They feed their ego by doing so. Feel nila maayo na kaayo sila. Maybe they are. Pero sila pud ang usap usapan sa office. They say people who talk about people are the lowest. I say, people who talk about people are humans. Talking about people is not solely gossip. Gossip is spreading unconfirmed truth about other people. Describing people based on personal experience is different. lol. Because it has your personal confirmation. ganern.

This entry is solely because i have a friend who is working as an HR in a company. .And she said they are coducting trainings – one of which is good communication skills. You maybe technically good and so much more. We understand that. We can see that. But ang mga tao around you MAY not understand where you are coming from with your ideas and unsolicited comments, because you display it and converse it badly. Or OFFENSIVELY. That is not constructive criticism. That is putting someone down. You come as a all-knowing asshole in the office. Which i believe you are not. But you act as one. And you dont care, because you dont know. You are trying to change yourself but i hope it is not too late. Because people are people and people tends to not forget hurtful/offensive words and hurtful situations you put them into. And they will wish you bad luck. And that is not good.