A life that was.

Pag-graduate nako and started working in the industry, gibutang jud nako sa akong mind, nga i dont need to prove myself to anyone anymore. School is so competitive. Makapahiubos. After school, I told myself nga okay na. Okay na akong gibuhat. I’ll do things my way na. Kay karon, i still act immature and dili jud makita sa akong nawng, nga i was once serious and focused sa akong goal, which is to study hard and bring glory sa family. chos.

I dont look back jud sa mga past. But last week, nagmeet mi sa akong classmate pagHS and naremind ko sa akong past life. I graduated Valedictorian sa pinakadako ug ilado nga public school sa Cebu – TRADE curriculum pa jud. I graduate Magna Cum Laude sa CIT during the time nga mao ra ni ang center of development in IT education sa cebu. I grew up joining competitions way back hs, district, regional ug uban pa. I even represented diay the Philippines sa college. It was fun. But it was tiring. LEts just say, you cant have everything. Naa jud mabiyaan nga aspect sa imong life.

Mao tong pag sulod na nako sa industry, I was ready to let go of the past and not be that image of perfection. And i find it easier. And it is genuine fun. Walking at the pace you want. Giving more chance for others to shine. Giving more time for yourself to notice your surroundings.. Kanang dili permi paspas. Dili permi naai goal nga asap iachieve. I like me better now and it took me a while to realize this.