@30 , you care less, love yourself more.

JuskoLord parang kelan lang besh nga bata pa ta, now im 30. giahak. Tanggapin ang inevitable. Laban lang.

Though it’s just an age, this year, i will try nga mature na ta ug pangutok. So hard man oie. Though im at this age na, I’m still the youngest sa family and i’ll always be the youngest and only boy. Lalaban tayo hanggang dulo.

3 decades of paningkamot sa life maamshie. Basin mao na ni ang time nga magchange career na jud ko. Still confused if would like to settle sa Cebu or magfarm sa dako pa doon for greener pasture. Well it all ends up man japon sa sa atong aspiration for happiness. Kung saan ka happy, let your decisions be toward that direction. Dont confuse financial abundance with happiness. Let that Filipino money culture die. If “daghan kag kwarta successful ka” bulsh*t.

Growing old means having new friends and letting go of old ones that just died without your notice. And surprisingly making new friends in unexpected places or media.

Though its been years naman since i started not to think too much about what people think about me. Still, im on the process of properly mastering that. Ang hirap kaya. Mao bitaw akong mga kaila ra jud ang akong ginaaccept sa instagram, and my personal FB is slowly dying. I “hello guys” less often and i sing my songs more privately. Ganern.

I would like also to stress out that im a social animal but i think i need to appreciate more the comfort and joy in solidarity. To treat myself better, and accept what is due. With age comes great responsibility nga dili na madalag smile and joke. Our spending habits are getting out of hand. How can i love myself more if broke ko. AW hahahaha okay lemme think about that in the next few days.

Salamat sa tanang ni greet! Love you all. Sa mga wala ni greet kay nakalimot or tungod wala man notif sa FB, oks ra. Di pud ko mogreet sa inyong bday. 🙂 LOL

Lovelots! Bleshu more!1074319_10201428389380138_1475644323_o