About Joshth

Name: Joshua Verano
AKA: Segunda Katigbak
Age: Young
Nationality: Filipino
Hobbies: Streaming movies, talking nonsense, googling, silent ranting.



I started this blog when I started losing purpose in living. I realized that time is passing me by and I need to get back on track. And so I decided to write about simple experiences and throwback moments. I realized these little things are meant not to be neglected and must be shared. Life is a competition and I must win #choslang.

Why Bisaya?

I was working in a place where I have no choice but to depend on English to survive. What’s worst is that they are encouraging us to study a foreign language and expect us to have perfect fluency in more or less 3 years. So we have to study until our ears and eyes bleed. With that said, I wanted to preserve what Im good at-  Bisaya. I want to express how I see things and how I handle my experiences in life in a language I am most comfortable with. I don’t profit from this blog so I might as well just be myself and write things my own way. Because blogging is not a competition; it’s not a winning game #chosnapud.

Target Readers

Bisaya People! Bisaya is a very rich language. Ganern

Personal Facts

  • I am working in the IT field and that doesn’t mean I can fix your broken laptops or printers.
  • I don’t kiss and tell.
  • I stopped posting too much on my FB wall and started posting on twitter my rants and random thoughts. I don’t have many twitter followers.
  • I killed too many butterflies when I was young.
  • I prefer writing in black ink. My penmaship looks ugly in BLUE.
  • I pray in English(sometimes).
  • I talk to myself more often than my friends know.
  • I sing in the shower, in the bathroom and in my room.
  • I love country music.
  • I killed more than 10 puppies because “someone” made me.
  • I talked to our dog (Gon) and convinced it to be my lover.
  • I don’t smoke and I avoid alcoholic drinks(?).
  • I love places that have tendencies to turn pitch black when lights are turned off. I turn the lights off.
  • I have tendencies of mutating facts.
  • I am not a nerd in highschool. I was just socially awkward.
  • I hate scripted drama presentation at schools or anywhere! I morbidly hate Drama Club events in HS!
  • I love very scary rides. It makes me feel more alive! (Amusement parks, etc)
  • VALEDICTORIAN – ANS – Trade Curriculum
  • MAGNA CUM LAUDE – CIT Tops Again lol.

This is my inner poet. The poems do not necessarily reflect what I’m feeling. Sometimes, i write them thinking I’m in someone else’s shoes.

PS. Pasensha-i na diay if naay mga malimali sa akong mga bisaya ug english grammar, mga wrongly spelled words etc. Di ko nagacopyread, I just write whatever i feel like writing then bahala na si Batman.




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