Finally, my mind decided that it is time to mingle with some food around town. I believe that I have the palate to do this food blogging drama because God knows, I love food !!!though i don’t like the fat and calories that it forcefully give me.

First of all, let me list the things that my palate loves and would like to explore.

  • I love spicy food. I love flavor.
  • I don’t eat blood. (Religious constraint)
  • I love exotic food as long as it is cooked. (raw worms like tamilok, stay away!)
  • I eat fast.
  • I love my vegetables.
  • I can enjoy my food with or without company.
  • I have a tendency of eating large amount of food.
  • I am not a fine-dining kind of person.
  • I love ramen and I made a list of my top 5 here.


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