GUSTO (ガスト)

“Gasto” ang basa pero Gusto sha in words

I don’t know how to label restaurants like this. Fastfood ba ito tulad ng Jollibee? Or is it parang Hukad sa ayala? I think mas murag hukad ang feel.

RATING: 7/10

Service: Smiling kaayo tong nagserve sa amo. She was beautiful pa jud, di ko sure if gitotokan pud to ni Jervis. 😀
Favorites: Chicken in the Mixed Grill.
Not So Favorite: Minty Mousse Cake/ Pizza

Food: Same same lang jud sa Saizeria. I can’t tell a big difference jud. But surely it is not at par with pepper lunch. I find their burger steak quite bland (kanang tipong walay flavor), so I need to put drops of hot sauce to create a party in my taste buds. The dessert was good but a little too overwhelming. It was too sweet. I don’t like their mousse cake. The mint after taste is not pleasurable to my palate. It was quite good but not in a long run. The ice cream bonanza was good and the flavors went well together. The pizza was not satisfactory at all. The drink bar was superb. It was my first time to try some coffee drinks because usually I just settle for the orange juice and some cocktail. The espresso was so strong that I needed to put 4 syrups to make it taste tolerable. The ice cappuccino was good but only after I put 3 syrups. So maybe, I’m just not that coffee lover or my palate loves juice more than it loves caffeine. Those caffeine made me awake until 3am in the morning and i need to wake up at 6:30am for work.

Would probably come back and try other stuffs in the menu. Price-wise, tolerable.

Price: ¥1000-ish

food and food

food and food

Mixed Grill. Love that chicken on the right.

Mixed Grill. Love that chicken on the right.

Tray ni Sarari-man

Tray ni Sarari-man

Espresso > Ice Cappuccino. Can't decide ahay ako eprefer #noCaffeineFan

Espresso > Ice Cappuccino. Can’t decide ahay ako eprefer #noCaffeineFan

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