Inari Cheese cakes (cupcakes)

When we went to Osaka, nasaag me sa mga favorite shops ni Rahima. Ang shop ng mga cheesecake and delicacies

RATING: 8/10

Service: n/a (it’s just a shop)
Favorites: Cheesecake
Not so fav: n/a (walay lain option nga gitry)

Food: It was yummy. But one thing I noticed that it was more delicious when it’s not cold. Kay kung bugnaw dili kaayo nako malasahan ang cheese but when it’s lukewarm kay momelt ang cheesecake sa imong mouth which is like heavenly. I was like this is yummy ha for a cheesecake. Mas lami sha sa cheesecake sa Costco but maybe tungod pud kay sa Costco kay daghan man kog kaonon gud then sa kani kay gamay ra man so it kept me wanting for more. With that feeling of wanting, the more it will feel delicious in my thoughts.

Price: ¥200-ish/pc

a closer look.

a closer look.

3 in 1 box! tunga mi ni rahima!

3 in 1 box! tunga mi ni rahima!


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