Mabungkag nga Pagkaon.

Twas an ordinary friday. Sakura season.

I have plans tonight so im on a diet. Pero cannot help it so i bought some Locker (Murag mahalon nga waffer) from the pantry. Lami sha pero i never thought nga mashadong mabungkagon kaayo sha nga food. I bought 2 because 1 is not enough to feed the hunger inside my soul.

Paglakaw pa jud nako kay naai food sa common area sa team. Crispy Cake Butter and for sure gikan China na pud kay puros kanji ang name. Nimatch sila ni locker, it’s parang hopia, so mabungkagon na pud sha.

Perti nakong habhab and it was kinda messy. I ate while reading akong mga poems nga napublish diay karon nga ahak diay kaayo. lol. pero cg nalng.

Nahuman na nakog kaon tanan. And i was reading some articles na sa web then suddenly naai soul nga swiftly niappear sa akong likod. It was lolo (the manger), asking about some issues nga gating. And nitulimbang dayon akong english kay not prepared ko pero naanswer ra nako pud oie.. nakarecover ko after 10 seconds.

While talking, i felt nga naai something wrong. So after nihawa si Lolo, i took out the mirror sa akong bag. FaceCheck. And i was right. Aside from my normal oil sa nawng lol, there are so many food crumbs in the side of my mouth padulong sa akong suwang.

I died.

eating messi

I wish i could remember

A story i wish i’d forget
But I wont and will never be
But i wish i could remember your face.

You sat, you smoke.
I glanced, didn’t speak.
We walk upstairs and didn’t bother to notice each other.

I glanced, you bow down.
I bow down, you stared.
OR that’s what i would like to remember it.

A touch; the start.
One kiss, and such.
But my mind was clouded to fully digest everything.

The phase, it’s fast.
The view, was angelic.
And i know right then, i wont remember everything.

I looked again.
I want to try.
But deep inside i know, there’s nothing i can do.

I sit and stared.
Tattoo on your finger.
The feeling they’ll last but your face, i wish i could remember.

– babayng pak-an


It’s been a while.

Si BayotiPoet~

Nganong dugaydugayon pa man, kung sa buwag japon magtapos ang tanan.
Nganong magpakaarung-inon nga lami, kung ang imong gusto diay kay giti.
Ayaw na kabalaka kay ang tanan, dugay ko ra nga nadawat:
Ikaw lumalabay lamang, pero kasingkasing ko imo jung nakawat.

~Babayng Pak-an



Season Change.

Another season and i am looking forward for another fruitful career move.

Another season and another fiscal year and chance to grow.

Another season ug gubot na kaayo akong kwarto.

Another season ug sakit na akong bukton ug inarsa ug mga bug-at nga butang padung sa akong box.

Another season and fully packed na kaayo akong weekend.

Another season and puno na pud akong phone memory.

Another season and still waiting for my chance to breakfree #charot!


Dear SA

I looked at you from across the bar.
That smile that gave me my sobriety.
That smile that gave me a night worth remembering.

Your kiss was soft
Your kiss they spoke
But it ended up just as a kiss the next morning.

Dear John, you should have known that
When you invite me for dinner
I went prepared but you disappoint.

One drink is all you need
To act crazy and dysfunctional.
Was that plain drama or are you just weak af?

I have some plans.
You ask to go somewhere.
I chose my friends, we bid goodbye.

So dear SA
if you still care, leave me a message.
I will wait and next time let’s not talk about games.

-babayng pak-an


Cellphone vs Wallet.

Kanang feel na kaayo nimo nanaog through elevator, scrolling down new posts sa instagram. Double tapping each pic nga ganahan nako. Stroling around the aisles of Famima. Salivating over the bentos and sandwhiches but i opt for the onigiri kay diet mode slight. Pero gaduha duha pa if kuhaon ang almond choccolate nga meiji kay one of my fave jud na. But luckily nastop nako akong self. I am still looking sa akong phone though, instragraming. Watching clark and rhon’s instastories. lol.

Molinya na ta ko para mobayad.

Then realized wala ko nagdala ug wallet. Cellphone ra akong gidala plus akong personality. ahak.

Gi-Return ang mga gipangkuptan. Head straight to the elevator, hungry. #Maypamataysakauwau.