Low Reso, Chakka.

I realized nga bati kaayo tan-awn akong blog if gamay ang reso sa monitor.. as in. i don’t like big things. hahaha dagko ra kaayo ang letters. Kailangan nako izoom pakagamay para nice sha.


And by the way, naai change sa akong life karon. Ginapaheavy breakfast ko ni Mother. Mao na noon dili ko gutomon ug lunch. So karon wala ko galunch. Mag snacks ra guro ko later.

Shakoi akong blog nahimong journal. 😀

First Day High.

I was not scared. Im excited.

As expected, gamay nalang kaayo ang mga familiar faces.. As in jud. May gani kay naunder ko ni Miss Rhea. So okay ra and naay mga tao diri nga abi nako nga mga action graduates and then they told me that they are ojts diay. nakakaloka.. Fresh teens! And hinala nako sa isa kay siya jud ning naa sa g-app.. 24m away lang kaya and murag similar man silag face.

Kidding aside, I am happy. Here are my nakuratan ko:

  • Init kaayo. I know init pero wala ko nag-expect nga makalitan gihapon akong system sa kung unsa ka init ang Cebu.
  • Ang 12L nga nagtuyok tuyok ang linya sa kataas. Abi jud nako nga taas lang.. wala ko gaexpect nga one hour ang waiting time sa ayala sa 12L. Around 8 – 9 to sha.
  • Mangisnab ang mga cashiers. lol.


But i love Cebu. There’s no place like home. I love it. I think daghan man improvements pud.  Though i am not so sure if most of them if not all are good improvement.


@ Hidden Valley Cebu City

Goodbye is never easy.

Goodbye is not the end, kuan lang na sha, intro sa next big thing.

Japan has given me more than i have expected. 3 years of self improvement though not much on my technical skills in the IT world pero as a person, it really helped me big time. It opened my eyes to the real world. It gave me a medium on how to deal with my emotions and how to open myself to see who i really am.

The place is not im gonna miss for sure. Because wala man koi sense of direction and i most of the time forget the name of the places nga akong gisuroyan. I will definitely miss the people i met sa Japan and all the experience i had with them. First, the clingy batch, not that much cguro kay i know we’ll gonna meet sa Cebu bisag once a year lang. That is more than enough.

My Volleyball friends, for sure, im gonna miss them big time. Who knows we’ll never meet each other again. And that is gravely saddening. This is the group where I felt like it was okay for me to show who I really am to new people without the fear of being judged (because i will judge them back, LOL). #shade #slayers #GilJackGervin <== you are my MVPs

My Nichome friends, though i know most of them are just random acquaintances but they showed me what the real colors of the rainbows are. The bartenders, the random chatters, the random Pinoy bakasyonistas. That feeling, when before you were the what-am-i-doing-here mode, to become the lemme-show-you-around kind of person is kinda funny and amusing. LOL.

My English Camp friends, though as I started joining volleyball games (i have to be honest), it never crossed my mind to join another camp. Ang daming mga groups naman gud so lisod mojoin ug other circle of friends (that is not my forte specially when im alone). Plus the intimidating old people, i just cant ride their wavelength. I meet original pag-ibig here nga naa koi vision of love but it was all that it turned out to be. lol

My Office Jap Crush. It’s hard to say goodbye to all of you. But we haven’t done too much talking anyway, so bahala kayo sa buhay nyo. But i will miss the way i look and stare sa inyo from across the wide office area hoping you’ll look back pero gilumot nalng ko, wala jud. Though always ko mapildi sa mga totok ni Kosugi-san everytime we crossed sa hallway. Girl, i am not strong enough! I thought i am stronger.

Special shoutout to the Happy Friends! Though most of them kay naa pud sa Volleyball friends but shout out to Noel, Phibs, Marlo ! You have showed me how to be me and accept myself for who i am and who i should be. And setting as a good example for me to look up to! #goodExampleLol

To the B4! Pwede na ko ninyo mablackmail! You know my darkest secrets and kabuang in life. Please lang wag nyo akong isumbong sa pulisya! I will miss you jud #sob. This is like Farrah Franklin leaving Destiny’s Child. B3 once again. Thank you for accepting me.

The people in the you-know-where-with-a-z-inbetween. Goodbye, we will never see each other again for sure but that’s totally okay.


Volleyball 2


Remember sa akong previous entry nga me having a change of heart about volleyball? Well karon nagchange na pud. But i swear, i don’t change mind like Katy Perry changes her clothes.

Currently, i have been playing volleyball since November last year. Pero weekend ra noon. Parang ano lang, review for the sport and what could have been. I kinda love it though but for sure not as much if wala akong mga friends which were always there to support me and teach me and uplift me and outbitch me. haha

Though i still have a lot to learn like how to timing the jump from a very open set. nakakaloka. But Gil has been my mentor for that. Like where to position po when the kontra is on the attack, Jack is my man. And how to look alive and bubbly, Gervin is my saving grace. And Brendan and Andrew and Megumi for the sidecourt tips.

I would love to play competitive volleyball in the future. I am still not prepared for such, but i will try to prep myself. I just want to get better. And exercise na pud para healthy body. hahaha.




Mabungkag nga Pagkaon.

Twas an ordinary friday. Sakura season.

I have plans tonight so im on a diet. Pero cannot help it so i bought some Locker (Murag mahalon nga waffer) from the pantry. Lami sha pero i never thought nga mashadong mabungkagon kaayo sha nga food. I bought 2 because 1 is not enough to feed the hunger inside my soul.

Paglakaw pa jud nako kay naai food sa common area sa team. Crispy Cake Butter and for sure gikan China na pud kay puros kanji ang name. Nimatch sila ni locker, it’s parang hopia, so mabungkagon na pud sha.

Perti nakong habhab and it was kinda messy. I ate while reading akong mga poems nga napublish diay karon nga ahak diay kaayo. lol. pero cg nalng.

Nahuman na nakog kaon tanan. And i was reading some articles na sa web then suddenly naai soul nga swiftly niappear sa akong likod. It was lolo (the manger), asking about some issues nga gating. And nitulimbang dayon akong english kay not prepared ko pero naanswer ra nako pud oie.. nakarecover ko after 10 seconds.

While talking, i felt nga naai something wrong. So after nihawa si Lolo, i took out the mirror sa akong bag. FaceCheck. And i was right. Aside from my normal oil sa nawng lol, there are so many food crumbs in the side of my mouth padulong sa akong suwang.

I died.

eating messi

I wish i could remember

A story i wish i’d forget
But I wont and will never be
But i wish i could remember your face.

You sat, you smoke.
I glanced, didn’t speak.
We walk upstairs and didn’t bother to notice each other.

I glanced, you bow down.
I bow down, you stared.
OR that’s what i would like to remember it.

A touch; the start.
One kiss, and such.
But my mind was clouded to fully digest everything.

The phase, it’s fast.
The view, was angelic.
And i know right then, i wont remember everything.

I looked again.
I want to try.
But deep inside i know, there’s nothing i can do.

I sit and stared.
Tattoo on your finger.
The feeling they’ll last but your face, i wish i could remember.

– babayng pak-an


It’s been a while.

Si BayotiPoet~

Nganong dugaydugayon pa man, kung sa buwag japon magtapos ang tanan.
Nganong magpakaarung-inon nga lami, kung ang imong gusto diay kay giti.
Ayaw na kabalaka kay ang tanan, dugay ko ra nga nadawat:
Ikaw lumalabay lamang, pero kasingkasing ko imo jung nakawat.

~Babayng Pak-an