The Voice Season2 Finals IMHO

The final 4. left to right: leah, rence, alisah, jason

The final 4. left to right: leah, rence, alisah, jason

Leah Patricio. Strong vocals but Old.
Jason Dy. I’ve heard a lot similar vocals. Good looking.
Rence Rapanot. Weak vocals. OPM freak. Something new.
Alisah Bonaobra. Strong vocals with good backup story but weak packaging.

I think either Jason or Alisah will win this show. My mind is telling me that Jason will win because her target audience are the youngsters and that market are the people who watch these shows. And moreover, people love eyecandies so prolly spoiled girls will be voting for him. Alisah could also win because most of the people in the Philippines is poor and seeing Alisah gives hope to them. On Mrs. Patricio, I would be more than happy if she will win. If we are talking about the “Voice”, it’ll be a fight between her and alisah. Rence, I have no comment mashado. It would be very unlikely to see him win this competition.

Winner: Jason/Alisah
Runner up or wild card to win: Leah Patricio
Clapper: Rence.

But maybe naai mga unexpected nga mahitabo, like si Rence ang makadaog. At the end of the day, di man jud ni “the voice” sa mga contestants, it’s “the voice” of the public voters.