Gyu-Kaku : Yakiniku



Madame Dean (Cherry Lyn Sta.Romana), IT queen of CEBU, went to Japan for a conference. Gikuyugan namo sha lakaw lakaw and eat. Nagrequest man sha ug yakiniku, so here we are at Gyu-Kaku.. Anan man ta mi mag-eat pero mas una man namo ni sha nakit-an.

RATING: 8/10

Service: The staffs are accommodating as expected from a Japanese restaurant. They seems to be not bothered by foreigners like us.
Favorites: Chicken in basil.
Not so fav: pork/pig tongue(?)

Food: Lami pero I was expecting more. Wala silay halang nga sauce pero oks ra. They have the usual sweet sauce and they have this vinegar which i don’t like. It was nomihoudai(飲み放題) and tabehoudai(食べ放題) which is fun. It means we can eat all our liked meat to our hearts content. I am not a fan of nomihoudai/(drink all you can) that are not served in a drink bar. Hasolan ko sigig tawag ni Ate or Kuya clerk. The chicken was so delicious and actually nice ang meat kay even though madugay na sha sa fire, it doesn’t get burn. And sa end sa time(which is 90min ra diay) naa silay hot tea nga eserve. I HATE TEA, so no comment.

Woul probably come back and try it again. Price-wise, fair enough for budget goers.

Price: ¥2500-ish

The rest of the Gang. That lady in very front is the owner of a school in Bohol. Our dean is second from the back in the right row.

The sauce.

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